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STORY OF THE DAY [06 May 2005|09:34pm]
sorry i was too lazy to write out the whole story again or paste it or whatever anyways here it is!!!!!

Purpltamto3582: what happened?
cAREY hAS sTYLE: okay well
cAREY hAS sTYLE: whew
cAREY hAS sTYLE: this will be long
Purpltamto3582: .. goo ahead.. HAHAH
cAREY hAS sTYLE: mom got quad tyler got quad i got dirtbike and ron already had a dirtbike, so we all go out riding today
cAREY hAS sTYLE: we unload the bikes
cAREY hAS sTYLE: (we were all the way out in black canyon) sorta by prescott... just closer
cAREY hAS sTYLE: anyways
cAREY hAS sTYLE: tylers complaining his brakes dont feel right but they seem to be working okay so we go and were riding
cAREY hAS sTYLE: 10 minutes into riding
cAREY hAS sTYLE: we kinda all are spread out, moms ahead tylers second im third rons last and were atleast 100 feet away from eacother, going down a dirt road right?
cAREY hAS sTYLE: okay well every few minutes a car would pass the road and we'd have to move to the side..
Purpltamto3582: yeahhh...
cAREY hAS sTYLE: a car comes down the hill fast, mom moves, tyler tries pulling to the side to move and his brakes dont work, so he crashes into the dirt curb with bushes all over, he rolls UP the curb thingy, and tries hitting the brakes, he flies off the bike goes about another ohhhh 7 feet or so and tyler starts screaming that his back is broken
cAREY hAS sTYLE: mom gets tyler laid down on her tummy and ron calls the ambulance
cAREY hAS sTYLE: some family passes by and ron gets the dad to help him load bikes up becuz hes gonna follow ambulance when they come
Purpltamto3582: OMG~
cAREY hAS sTYLE: so anyways
cAREY hAS sTYLE: the patrol guy gets there first
cAREY hAS sTYLE: says that tyler is pretty messed up and is going to need to be AIR vacced in a helicopter all the fucking way out to st jo's becuz they have a pediatrics in their hospital emergency room
cAREY hAS sTYLE: mom freaks out and says she will have to ride with
cAREY hAS sTYLE: they're all idont know you might not be able to we will see
cAREY hAS sTYLE: so the ambulance finally gets there, gets him on a stretcher
cAREY hAS sTYLE: sticks an ivy in him and a bunch of shots
cAREY hAS sTYLE: then finally after like 30 minutes the helicopter gets there
cAREY hAS sTYLE: mom starts freaking and finally they load him in there and they tell her she cant but the lady tina says she will take care of tyler, theyre taking him to st jo's.. tyler freaks out, hes never gone with anyone he doesnt know wihtout mom hes crying hes paniking and in shock the whole nine yards
Purpltamto3582: HOLY SHTI!
Purpltamto3582: !!
cAREY hAS sTYLE: anyways mom gets in the truck tells ron were going to st josephs.. so the helicopter takes off with tyler on the way to the hospital, were talking a 12 minute helicopter fly, and a 45- hour drive.
cAREY hAS sTYLE: so we drive super fast
cAREY hAS sTYLE: anyways
cAREY hAS sTYLE: were almost to the hospital and mom calls 411 (information) to get the # for st jospehs, and then she calls and ask when tyler landed and how he is
cAREY hAS sTYLE: they say they cant find that name and that he obviously hasnt landed
cAREY hAS sTYLE: moms freaking out HARDCORE by now
cAREY hAS sTYLE: so anyways
Purpltamto3582: I would have thought she would be..
cAREY hAS sTYLE: some lady starts yelling at my mom and she gets allll pissed
cAREY hAS sTYLE: and mom gets reallllyy upset and emotional blah blah the whole nine yards
cAREY hAS sTYLE: okay so we get to the hospital and we are told to wait in this room
cAREY hAS sTYLE: and we still dont know what the fuck tylers status at this point it
cAREY hAS sTYLE: is*
cAREY hAS sTYLE: and then finally they tell ron that he's getting tested and hes on the 4th floor
cAREY hAS sTYLE: then wow the fucking dumbasses, the room we were put in was the "mercy conference room" so mom totally freaks out and starts panicing
cAREY hAS sTYLE: yeah mercy conference room i was kinda scared too lol
cAREY hAS sTYLE: u know what that is right?
cAREY hAS sTYLE: anyways some lady asks mom to come with her to sign papers so she goes and its just me and ron in this room
cAREY hAS sTYLE: then ron says hes going to smoke
cAREY hAS sTYLE: so im in this room alone
cAREY hAS sTYLE: and im like ahh omg. what the fuck am i going to do
cAREY hAS sTYLE: lol
cAREY hAS sTYLE: i start texting my friend jake cuz he has text and its not like you do otherwise i would have texted you
cAREY hAS sTYLE: oh my god it was crazy
cAREY hAS sTYLE: finally ron and i go out side together and hes smoking and mom comes out an says hes okay
cAREY hAS sTYLE: so then yeah tyler was brought out, and we picked him up and stuff
cAREY hAS sTYLE: lol
Purpltamto3582: hrrmmmmm....
Purpltamto3582: Is he still there?
cAREY hAS sTYLE: no hes home now
cAREY hAS sTYLE: but geez it was crazy
cAREY hAS sTYLE: like
cAREY hAS sTYLE: when he was thrown off the bike, he like rolled or something
cAREY hAS sTYLE: he flipped off the front of his bike or something dude
cAREY hAS sTYLE: hes soooooo bruised up and scratched and stuff

(oh and i forgot to tell alex aka purpltamto that the reason tyler wasnt at the hospital by the 12 minutes he was supposed to have been there, is because they had to get on a different helicopter.. so we arrived about 15 minutes or so after he had landed.)
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[24 Mar 2005|07:41pm]
[ mood | I dunnnnnnnnno. ]

holy shit i haven't updated this bitch in years. haha well uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im SORT OF sick right now. but whatever you know it's not that bad. uhmm homeschool sucks and i SHOULD be doing my homework right now but i choose not to. hahaha.. well anyways chris just left my house what a dork he is. wow. haha but he's such a crazy little fucker. anywayssssss.... yeah mom told me the other day that when she closes her next loan she is going to let me have 200 dollars for new pants, and i could get my hair done like cut and dyed and if i play my cards right i could get a new flip phone. im pretty excited she rarely does this for me but i lvoe her so much she's a cool mom. for my hair im thinking i wanna get like.. medium brown, with thin blonde streaks and chunky purple and red streaks.. what do you think? SUGGGESST ME SOMETHING GUYS!!! hehe well umm anyyyyyyyways. yeah i pretty much ran out of stuff to say in here. buuuhhhh byeeeee

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[06 Feb 2005|07:36pm]
OMFG I WENT TO THE SKATEPARK YESTERDAY!! tbirddddy! my mommy came omg it was fun!! my lil bro was there lol and umm YEAH BUT SARAH CAME TOO omfg it was ssuuuupppperrrr FUN!! i love sarah she's the greatest! OMG I GOT TO SEE TONY TOO!! i havent seen him in like, holy shit forever lol when i got there i called him and i was like you arent here are you? and he was like the skatepark? no. and then like i was likeokay well ttyl then and click bye.. then like an hour later im trying to skate somethin and ZOOOMMM someone went past me real fast and said something and i was like WOAH WTF and i looked over and it was tony so i ran over all excited and gave him a hug!! ummmmmmm i waannaa go back next weekend and every weekend after that, fuck that i just wanna go everyday! :-)
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[30 Jan 2005|12:28am]
[ mood | not too bad ]

ahh once agian carey's done it.. fallen for someone.. stupidly.

why the fuck do i fall for the wrong guys? whatever it sucks. i guess i can just be stupid sometimes.

anyways. my internet on MY computer is back up..which is pretty cool. now i can get on sites and stuff.

my lil 8 year old friend Kasey (ron's daughter) is staying the night. she's so adorable.. lol

umm the comp was called off. that suckkeeddddddd. i guess its being re-scheduled (sp) so i'll go to it when it comes around.

ummm OH!! my mom and i were in the store the other night (fry's) and i see this guy with short hair.. and he looks at me and walked off.. so im walkin thru the store, and everywhere i turn, i see the guy and he is always looking at me so i was liek wtf so i got a better look at his face and realized that he looked fimiliar but couldnt quite put a name with the face.. so then he like starts fucking dancing and hopping and running thru the store.. and my brother is like that kid is weird sis.. and im like yeah..he looks fimiliar though. and so.. like after seeing him a few more times im like killing myself over it because i couldnt tell who it was.. and so we're leaving and im like dude.. it kiiinddda looks like my friend mark but he has long hair. so then the lastnight i got online and mark was on...

Mark:i dont mean to be rude or anything but you're really pretty
me: ummm thanks but u should see me now i'm not pretty lol
mark: yes you are
me: how would you know you havent seen me in forever (then it starts coming back to me holy shit that had to have been mark!)
mark: yeah i saw you
me: AT FRYS?!?!
mark: why would you say frys?
me: becuz there was a guy with short hair who kept looking at me and i knew the face was fimiliar and when i got outside i thought it might have been u but your hair was long last time i saw you..
mark: well was the guy with short hair cute?
me: mark you have a girlfriend, dont u?
mark: yes but im just asking for an honest opinion
me: yes, you arent bad looking at all.
mark: do you like it better short or long? because some people say short and some people say long so i dont know
me: it looks good both ways

so anyways that was pretty much the end of the convo about seeing him but it was just crazy lol and i thought it was pretty funny/nice/cute the way he was like "i dont mean to be rude or anything but you're really pretty" it kinda made me feel good :)

thanks mark! lol

-Carrie Poop Magayus (dustin gaystin calls me that)

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[19 Jan 2005|02:16pm]
umm. gay.
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hugs not drugs (one of my new shirts) [16 Jan 2005|03:40am]
just a REAL quick update. went to metro and arrowhead mall today uhmm it was fun i got two new shirts and some a sticker. umm. everything is going okay. wanna know anything else then comment, k bye.
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UMM DUSTIN IS THE COOLEST! [11 Jan 2005|01:24am]
[ mood | SORTA HAPPY ?? idK ]


he was goign to stay on the phone with me till i left... to go to... (lol you may already know) and omg hes so nice!!! <33333

well umm yeah if anyone reads this before the day is over and before everything is over with, just to let you know! i'm going there in just a few hours, like 3 hours and ummmm i am going to bring my cell phone so you can call it and leave a message!!!!! i guess you could call mommy's cell phone number if u know it too but you'd prolly be better off calling my cell. just leave a message or something cuz my mommy will have my cell with her!! ummmm anyways I'M GONNA GO WATCH SOME MORE TV AND IDK SO UH YEH. LATER !!!!! OH YEAH AND IM GONNA BE OKAY BECUZ IM GONNA THINK ABOUT DUSTIN!!!!!!


dustin is totally cooler than you!!!

and he is the best!!!!

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hummmm [09 Jan 2005|04:16am]
[ mood | blah ]

crazy days. its tuesday. im excited. somewhat. sorta. not really. oh well. its like 4:20. ha. well anyways. just thought i'd UPDATE. there it is

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aalkjfksdgjsgk [01 Jan 2005|04:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

im going dirt bike riding tomorrow as planned. yay.

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potatoe salad. [30 Dec 2004|10:10pm]
hi, i'm bored. i want to skate. heheheh. i skated yesterday kinda.. not really i just tried to kickflip.. shhh don't tell mommy she'd have a heart attak lol. shhh. anyways. i am reaallllyy bored. i lost my cell phone.. it's somewhere around the house but im not sure exactly where and i'm too lazy to get up and search.. well i think i'm done so bye bye. oh dustin. i have a pic of you. it's a hot pic of you picking some guy's nose hehehe
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at dads [30 Dec 2004|01:17am]
[ mood | awakeeeeeeee ]

im at my dad's house.. uhh its late but i can't sleep. im not tired. i am listening to my creative zen touch because i got it working hehe. it was fun. i went thru my dad's cd collection of like 300 and i found tons of good cd's copied the songs i like, to the computer then put it in the creative music lab and uploaded it to my mp3 player. fun stuff. my dad wants me to listen to this band called blue oyster cult? he thinks i might like them.. so yueah they might be the next thing on my mp3 player. i need more suggestions too guys.. i have lots of stuff already... dio, motley crue, nwa, andre nickatina, eminem, like 2 diff cds?.. idk well anyways.i know i need the doors on it now. and DFROP IT LIKE ITS HOTTTT hahaha well okay i wanna show u guys my new shoes! they are sooo sexy. here they are
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


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[29 Dec 2004|03:12pm]

best thing ever.
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BLAH [29 Dec 2004|02:45pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well. the hot water heater is broken at my house, so showers are ice cold. i hate not being able to take a shower and if you know me well enough you should know how bad i hate being dirty... sooo im going to my dad's to spend the night there tonight. he has a shower!!!!!!!!!!! :-D hehe. well i'm going to try to upload some songs to my mp3 there because my usb port here doesnt work. yay lol im going to download all this andre nickatina and necro onto his computer and he's going to be like what the hell?? carey are you okay? do you need to see a shrink? lol. i just know it. so im going to have to get them on there, THEN delete the songs hehe. okay well.. i'll be bored at my dad's so you should call my cell! it'd make me a very happy girl ya know?


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SHOEZ [28 Dec 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | soo happy. ]


yeah they are pretty sick i like them a lot. anyways... hmm i played san andreas today. boy do i suck at that game. i played for like 7 minutes before i got wasted, if even that. i shot like 15 people and jacked like 6 cars or something.OMG THEY HAVE EXPRESS YOURSELF ON THAT GAME. it was soo funny haha playing the game and listening to a really good song.. great stuff. but yeah. i got a lil tv in my room now and my dvd player in there too. my ps2 is broken :'(.. i watched FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH today.. i love that movie.. im going to watch the breakfast club here in a few minutes. i got them both for x-mas. stuffs been goin on in the house for awhile now and lisa and lucas are with their mom's friend for a few days i guess.. thats gonna be weird. as if things arent already weird enough around here. you have to watch what you say, who you say it to, and so many secrets are being told its disgusting. secrets, lies, just everything. it's like major gay drama lol. anyways momma got new shoes too! she got EMERICAS! she picked them out on her own i didnt even have to help her lol she got all black heretic 2s its funny. she thoought she needed all black shoes because she already has all white circas.. shes crazy about matching things. i got three new shirts. they didnt have too many good ones in my size, but they had a lot of zoo york ones so i got 2 of those and a cowtown shirt. well im done..


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SAN ANDREAS [27 Dec 2004|07:10pm]

AHAHAHA oh man, i just walked into my brothers room because i heard Lucas complaining that Aveary is taking forever to play his turn.. so i walk in and im like whats the problem and they were like nothing so i sit on tylers bed and start watching them play

aveary: carey do u know what im beating these people up with?
me: no what is it? is it a pink sword???
aveary: not even close.
me: well then what is it?
aveary: a dildo.
me: (fucking busted out laughing)
tyler: (laughs)
me: tyler shut up you dont even know what the hell that is do you?
tyler: yes....
me: what?! then?!
lucas: a pinga
me: what the hell is that?
lucas: the word me and tyler use for the "d" word
aveary: its just what lesbians use guys gosh


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happy xmas [25 Dec 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | feelin hi cuz of some cold med ]

oh man guys i got a creative zen touch mp3 player but im deciding if i wanna trade it in for an ipod! uhhhhhhhhhh lets seeeeeeee. i got a dvd player and two dvds. omg omg omg. i got fast times at ridgemont high and the breakfast club. I GOT A TSHIRT TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe it's a metallica one.. ITS THE RIDE THE LIGHTNING ONE! right the lightning is my favorite song by metallica. hmm. tomorrow i am getting new shoes. so dustin HA if i get the pj ladd's then hahahahahaahahahahahahahh!.. but yeah i was lookin at some other shoes too anyways im not sure what im getting yet... i have clothes to take back hopefully tomorrow i can do that because they are girly and lame.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well i think i will update later. but yeah hope you all had a happy christmas

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[23 Dec 2004|06:26pm]
pff im bored. im gonna find a survey thing to fill out on here.
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[21 Dec 2004|12:39am]
[ mood | pleased ]

listen up you little shits! hehehe

i know that you want to buy me something soooo im gonna tell you what i want!

taylor. i need new panties (ahahahah jk)!! sorry couldnt help

i want a new shirt
i want a new shell necklace
i want a PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i want a cool 25 cent ring
i want a new bracelet
i want stickers =]

oh yeah and anything leapord or zebra print is wondderrfull =] hehe

tay i expect some new pretty panties from you! and sarah better get me my god damn ring! and dustin i want a pony!

i want a shell necklace weely bad tho becuz they are pretty!

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